The Best Tourist Attraction in the UK

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We often hear that travelling to a single tourist destination is like reading the page of an entire book. The UK is among the world’s most visited gambling destinations apart from the heavy-hitting casino industry in Vegas. Even so, the UK boasts of an awe-inspiring countryside, interesting tours around cities, beautiful beaches and sumptuous cuisines. Poker is among the top-rated casino games, and for all the right reasons. Besides the fact that learning how to play the game enhances your mental toughness, the practise also relieves the mind of negative spiritual energies. Whether you’re a curious solo traveller or a group looking to find a great spot while away among UK’s most exciting attractions, here is a list of the best places to visit.

Hippodrome Casino

Regarded as one of the busiest and most famous casinos in London, Hippodrome features three floors, all differently themed and dedicated exclusively for gaming. Experience play with UK’s single Pokerstars cash LIVE deck, and an array of games including Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Slots among others. If you love live shows, the in-house, 325-seat, updated theatre presents the best performances from Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike as guests sip from the best cocktails, champagne, beer, and other beverages. The Heliot Steak House offers great stake menus at affordable prices. Hippodrome Casino is not just any other casino, but the pillar of West End.

The Tower of London

Among the most significant buildings in the UK is The Tower of London. The structure has been used for multiple purposes, playing host to prisoners, royalty, treasure storage, and observatory. At the centre of this world heritage site is the White Tower, built during the 11th century. Guests have an opportunity to view the traditional royal armoury and a compelling exhibition of the Line of Kings, the Royal Mint and other areas where prisoners were executed.

The Eden Project

The magnificent Eden Project comprises of stand-alone artificial biomes housing myriad plant species from all over the planet. Constructed in a reclaimed quarry on Cornwall, the igloo-shaped greenhouses contain thousands of plant species mainly including tropical and Mediterranean flora. This incredible display of plants combines with music and art workshops that make the place come to life.

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